Reviews on printed media
Review on SCORE (Issue no. 169, February 26, 2008)
“...As for graphics, we can see really impressive improvements over those two years. Technically speaking, the game is flawless (just try to start it in windowed mode and then stretch the window any way you want, even over more displays if you ever use them – it’s just sweet how it works). But what we appreciate the most, it’s that breath-taking artistic style of this masterpiece. The artists were courageous enough to use enormous portion of their imagination so they combine four different surrealistic styles that are just pure joy to look at for everyone tired enough from all those “realistic” games of present days.
No, we won’t keep back here – Gumboy and his specific kind of control can annoy you from time to time. But on the other hand this very control system makes some extraordinary title from this game with really magical playability. This is not just about nostalgia. We have a year 2008 now and this is pleasant amusement for everyone. Thanks for that...”
Rating: 80 %

On-line Reviews
Review on Bright Hub (October 17, 2008)
“...There seems to be some sort of video game law that states that any and every game that features multiplayer must offer a Capture the Flag mode. I know it’s a classic, but I’m always on the lookout for something new. Imagine my surprise when Gumboy Tournament’s CTF turns out to be my favorite mode. And that isn’t due to a lack of serious competition, either. Chase mode is loads of fun, while Race and Diamonds are nothing to shake a stick at. I simply had a fantastic time rolling around, stealing flags, and chasing other gummy goons to get my flags back...
...Multiplayer almost always equals replayability, and that is very much the case here. And if you don’t have anybody to play with, you can always find strangers on the net or just play with bots. I have to note that while Gumboy: Crazy Adventures was ten bucks, Gumboy Tournament is double that. However, with everything that was good about Crazy Adventures and a whole lot more, Gumboy Tournament could be the best twenty bucks you ever spend.” Read more.

Review on Out of Eight PC Game Reviews (June 04, 2008)
“...Gumboy Tournament deserves a 7/8 because of its original, fast, and fun gameplay that melds a good physics engine, a unique style, and an assortment of control options... Each of the four game modes is simple enough for everyone to enjoy and promote fast-paced action-oriented gameplay that is well suited for multiplayer affairs. The non-violent gameplay is appropriate for all ages, and the overall theme and tone is certainly geared towards a wider audience...”
Rating: 75 % (6/8) Read more.

Preview on GameTunnel (November 24, 2007)
Game Play is the area where the most improvement can be seen. In the original game, a tremendous amount of skill was required in order to complete the challenges... Gumboy Tournament has really improved the feel of the controls. You spend a lot less time trying to get your Gumboy to bounce the way you want him to, and more time getting to where you want to be. This is aided by stages with less edges, better suiting Gumboy's shape and abilities, and a change in the old power-up system...
Read more.

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