Gumboy Tournament 1.8 Demoversion
Try to play Gumboy for free now! No trial time limit! Play single player game in six stages or a multiplayer game in split screen mode, via LAN or Internet. Gumboy Tournament Server application is included.

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Gumboy Tournament Server
GT Server is an application that allows Gumboy Tournament players to play together via internet. Players need to have a very good connection to this server for a succesfull play. When playing Gumboy Tournament via internet, it is good to connect to players and server nearby your location. Far away connections do latency a lot. The server application must be run at computer with a visible internet IP address.
Download the Gumboy Tournament Server (free standalone installation, 748 kB) and support playing Gumboy Tournament at your location. Read English manual (PDF, 56 kB).

Download avatars for your instant messengers
Try different avatars (icons) based on typical Gumboy faces...
12 Avatars for SKYPE (12 ziped BMP files, 114 kB)
12 Avatars for ICQ (12 ziped BMP files, 116 kB)

Extralarge screenshots

Download 22 wide XXL screenshots (25601024 px): 22 ziped JPG files (10 MB)

Desktop Wallpapers

Download various desktops:
21 ziped JPG files (14 MB)
Download various wide or dualview desktops:
19 ziped JPG files (12 MB)

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