Controlling the Gumboy
You can change the control type and configure it any time.
Just go to Settings/Controls. Default control type is Directional, another type – Spinning – is optional.

Control Type: Directional (New kind of control – optimized for mouse)
Gumboy spins automatically, you choose the direction, where you want to go. Use mouse, keyboard or joypad.

Control Type: Spinning (Original Gumboy Crazy Adventures type of controlling.)
Player controls spinning of the ball. You can spin Gumboy left and right. Mouse cannot be used.

Video settings
You can play in full screen or windowed mode on any monitor (if you have multi-monitor system). In video settings you can change the details level and switch the background graphics. These two settings affect performance. You can change them during game by pressing keys F1 and F2. If you still have problems with performance try a lower resolution or windowed mode. A DirectX 9 compatible graphics card is required. (Optimal card is nVidia 6600 or better).

Single or multiplayer game?
Single player mode
Single player mode – player races in four competitions against the computer. There is a campaign with 80 levels (4 environments × 5 stages each = 20 unique stages × 4 different game plays in each stage = 80 levels). Each level can be played in 5 game speeds (difficulty). Player plays against computer opponents (1–8 opponents), some stages are played in teams.

Multiplayer mode
Multiplayer is ready for up to 9 players and/or bots. Players/bots can group themselves in teams. Up to 4 players can compete on a single computer in split screen mode and they may play with other players via LAN or Internet. You can easily set your own multiplayer stage (select level, choose competition and number of bots, set difficulty). You can also play alone against computer opponents in this mode.

Minimal System Requirements
OS: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/VISTA, DirectX 9.0c
CPU: 1.6 GHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM
HDD Space: 128 MB
Video: Graphic Adapter with 64 MB VRAM compatible with DirectX 9.0c
Audio: Sound Adapter compatible with DirectX
Controllers: keyboard and mouse

Recommended Configuration
OS: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/VISTA, DirectX 9.0c
CPU: 2 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
HDD Space: 128 MB
Video: Graphic Adapter with 128 MB VRAM compatible with DirectX 9.0c
Audio: Sound Adapter compatible with DirectX
Controllers: mouse / keyboard / joystick / gamepad

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