We are happy to announce new price of Gumboy Tournament on Steam. Gumboy Tournament is now available for 1.99 EUR.

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yourself what is all that Gumboying about!

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Gumboy Tournament 1.8 Released
New version 1.8 of Gumboy Tournament available. Try to play Gumboy for free now! No trial time limit! Play single player game in six stages or a multiplayer game in split screen mode, via LAN or Internet. Gumboy Tournament Server application is included.

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Buy now actual version of Gumboy Tournament on Steam.

GT Server is an application that allows Gumboy Tournament players to play together via internet.

Download the Gumboy Tournament Server (free standalone installation, 748 kB) and support playing Gumboy Tournament via internet at your location.

February 1822, 2008 Gumboy Tournament presented in San Francisco
Gumboy Tournament was presented on THE 10TH ANNUAL INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL in San Francisco.

December 3rd, 2007 Gumboy Tournament nomined as finalist of IGF 2008
SAN FRANCISCO The Independent Games Festival (IGF) has named the main competition finalists for its historic tenth annual set of awards, celebrating the most ground-breaking creations to come out of the independent game community this year. Games were adjudicated by a panel made up of the creators of previous IGF honorees Aquaria, Braid, Cloud and N; industry veterans from studios including Foundation9, Crytek, Electronic Arts, Big Huge Games and Midway; and noted journalists from Newsweek, Games For Windows Magazine, Joystiq, Wired, Kotaku, MTV News, and more.
From a record field of 173 entries, Gumboy Tournament has been picked in category Technical Excellence.

Look at 2008 Independent Games Festival Finalists...

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